A holistic approach to wine-making that respects the heritage and culture of each region.

At Diamondgroup, we’ve collaborated with talented oenologists at every stage of the winemaking process, to develop a collection of fine Italian wines that represent the country’s diverse natural heritage and cultural traditions. Being involved in growing, ageing, fermentation, bottling, distribution, and sales enables us to take a holistic approach to winemaking and allows us to tailor the grape-to-table process so that each of our five lines reflects our values, as well as those of our growing regions.

We recognise the historic influence each of these territories has had on contemporary viticulture and have ensured that tradition is the foundation upon which we’ve built our business. At the same time, we understand that the art of winemaking has always evolved and adapted, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation.

Both our wine and our philosophy are rooted in the soil and communities of Italy’s finest wine regions and, consequently, we know that modern winemakers must ground themselves in sustainable, environmentally friendly, and ethically responsible practices if we're to continue producing the world's most exceptional wines.

Valerio Pagnoni From his early days, when he would help his grandfather with the winemaking process, through to his successful career in the packaging industry, Valerio Pagnoni has always been interested in reconciling his romantic, creative urges and his strong business sensibilities. With a firm understanding of Italian viticulture and a history of public service, he’s in the perfect position to tell the stories of the people, communities, and cultures that constitute an integral part of the growing, fermenting, and refinement processes. The result is a range of wines that speak of people and place, and that stand amongst the best in the country.