Case Study

Successful partnerships with businesses around the world


Situated in the Palazzo Pulieri Ginetti and just a short walk from Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo, the Elizabeth Unique Hotel is one of the Italian capital’s premier hotels. Connected to the prestigious Russo Gallery, where art lovers can browse several masterworks and purchase reproductions, it occupies a central position in the heart of Rome. On advice from Luca Maroni, one of Italy’s most influential wine critics - and the man who gave our Franciacorta an award for best wine of its kind - the Elizabeth Unique Hotel came to us looking for a sparkling wine that would stand out in their wine list since their opening night. We provided them with our Franciacorta, and a rewarding, long-term partnership was the result.


Operating out of the iconic city of Milan, Lelusi run a vast distribution network that supplies a large number of businesses and individual customers. Having tasted and appreciated the quality of our Franciacorta during a wine event in Milan, they approached us with the intention of distributing our wine to their customers in the city. A close working relationship developed, with the relative proximity of our two headquarters – Brescia and Milan – as well as the superior quality of our product ensuring that both parties have benefitted from the service.

Fantasy fine wine boston

Situated in Boston, Fantasy Fine Wine are an influential importer of premium Italian wines to the USA. Having worked with our talented oenologist, Vittorio Festa, for many years and trusting entirely in his ability to craft quality wines that reflect their place of origin, they approached us in the knowledge that our products would meet their high standards. Excited by our ability to bring wines from all over Italy to a central collection and distribution warehouse, they began exporting our Chianti, with the intention of adding further wines to their stock in the future.