chianti DOCG

Bravo Maestro

Born of the soft-clay soil of the Tuscan hills, the intense ruby red of our Chianti ages gracefully, becoming a garnet-hued, savoury, and slightly tannic wine over time. Grown with the traditional Tuscan respect for the earth and environment, world-renowned Sangiovese grapes are carefully selected and delicately pressed, allowing the wine’s intense vinous aromas to mingle and mature organically.

Rooted in the culture and traditions of Italy’s most iconic of wine regions, our Chianti is perfected through a variety of methods that prize eco-sustainable agriculture and a return to the concept of winemaking as an expression of communal heritage and identity. Refined without the use of animal derivatives, our wine is ideally paired with grilled red meats, pasta dishes, and slow-cooked stews and roasts.

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