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Are you a distributor or producer?

We are involved in both distribution and production. We have developed close partnerships with many established, national companies and are heavily involved in our wine’s production, collaborating extensively with vineyard technicians and the workers on the ground. Once this process is complete, we handle the distribution for all our products.

Where do your grapes come from?

100% of our grapes are from Italian territories. We adhere to all relevant production regulations, and all our products are processed and bottled in their place of origin.

Who takes care of vinification process?

Our company has a dedicated oenologist who takes care of winemaking processes. Working together with the resident oenologists and technicians in each winery, he ensures that our high standards are maintained across the entire product range.

Who takes care of bottling?

We have our own design and planning team who play an essential role in the creation and refinement of our bottle and label layouts. The bottling process takes place at the winery, where we consult with experts to perfect the process and ensure that the right combination of dry components is included.

Who takes care of sales?

The products are sold through an extensive distribution network that’s made up of various long-term partners. This distribution network allows us to operate efficiently in both national and international markets.