Franciacorta Brut Nature


Grown hundreds of metres above sea level on the ancient, glacial hillsides of Lombardy, our Chardonnay and Pinot grapes are carefully selected and delicately balanced to breathe a delightful vibrancy into our white wine. Hand harvested towards the end of August, our grapes are aged for six months before bottling and 20 months after, allowing the perfume to coalesce and reveal itself in hints of white flowers and a sharp, elegant, and fruity bouquet.

Utilising sustainable and eco-aware growing methods, we focus on harmonising contemporary viticulture with the winemaking heritage and tradition rooted in local communities. The result is a soft, straw-yellow Franciacorta, that pairs beautifully with delicate fish dishes and oysters, and is more than capable of evoking the region’s dedication to the art and culture of winemaking.

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