Negroamaro IGP

Villa Altea

Grown on the chalk-clay hillsides of southern Italy, our Negroamaro grapes are hand-picked, soft pressed, and masterfully blended, resulting in a dry, warm, and deliciously velvety wine. Defined by its deep, ruby red hue – that slowly transitions to a rich garnet as it ages – the wine also benefits from a pleasantly intense nose, in which hints of mature red berries are clearly detectable. It pairs perfectly with savoury main courses and is particularly suited to game and mature cheeses.

In keeping with our eco-sustainable philosophy, our Negroamaro is produced using environmentally friendly practices, without the aid of animal derivatives, and is naturally low in sulphites. It is rooted in the winemaking traditions and cultural heritage of local communities, where wine is more than a consumer product – it’s an expression of communal identity.

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