Wines that capture the spirit of the region

Infused with the history, traditions, and unique viticulture of some of Italy’s most iconic wine-producing regions, each of our wines tells a part of the story of its place of origin. From the north to the south, we’ve worked hard to craft wines that combine the past, present and future in a way that captures the spirit of the country’s communities, their connection to the land, and their passion for grapes.


One of the northern-most regions of the country, Lombardia is home to the historic Franciacorta vineyards.

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Birthplace of both the Renaissance and world-famous Chianti, Toscana is also home to the iconic Sangiovese grape.

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Ideally suited to growing the renowned Glera grape, Veneto is the Prosecco capital of the world.

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Fusing tradition and innovation, Puglia is quickly becoming one of the country’s most progressive wine-producing regions.

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Italy’s green Eden, Abruzzo is a paradise that’s climate and landscape is perfectly suited to high-quality grape production.

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