Ideally suited to growing the renowned Glera grape, Veneto is the Prosecco capital of the world.

The iconic home of Prosecco sparkling wine, Veneto is one of Italy’s most important wine producing regions. The Prosecco production is predominately situated around the area of Treviso, the majority of its vineyards specialise in cultivating the historic Glera grape. Able to trace its roots back to the ancient Romans, the Glera grape is the crucial component in a diverse range of sparkling wines produced in the region, many of which have garnered critical acclaim from wine experts around the world. With its warmer, lower-lying vineyards producing fruitier wines and those at cooler, higher altitudes producing drier wines, it’s a region that boasts beautiful natural diversity and ideal growing conditions. Many of Veneto's sparkling wines have been granted Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) status to guarantee and protect the quality of the products.